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The AMS SR550 performance package for the Porsche 996 911 Turbo, X50 and GT2 is the perfect solution for those looking for an attractive exhaust note and significant increase in power. The AMS SR550 package incorporates an AMS/EPL Flash Calibration map specific to your car and conditions, while adding the AMS 1 bar wastegate actuators and Speed Tech Exhaust System with 100cell high flow catalytic converters.

After evaluating many of the leading exhaust systems and experiencing sound that was either too loud or too quiet, resonance that was very Intrusive, poor tone, inferior fit, etc. – Speed Tech designed their own 996TT exhaust that addressed all of these issues in a positive manner. The Automotive Speed Technologies 996TT exhaust was engineered to have a rich, deep tone in the lower RPM’s and a pronounced flat six note at higher RPM’s. Substantial horsepower and torque gains, along with improved throttle response are achieved with the free Flowing, unrestrictive 70mm design. This very desirable combination of attributes results in a perfect blend of sound, power and performance! A 5 bar fuel pressure regulator is also implemented to aid in fuel delivery.

The AMS SR550 Flash Tune was designed to optimize your Porsche 911/996 Twin Turbo by optimize fuel and timing curves for the given modifications. We have gone to great lengths to produce custom ME7.8 ECU calibration files that produce maximum power without sacrificing reliability or drivability. Our tune was developed using state of the art real time tuning technology on both a Mustang MD500-SE & Dynojet 424Xlc2 chassis dynamometers.

When you purchase a tune from AMS you are purchasing the best computer programming available for your P-car. This tune offers the benefits of reducing or eliminating drive by wire lag. In addition your tune will be tailored to the type of fuel available and can even be compensated for high altitude or other extremes in your area. You even get exclusive features like a factory integrated 2 step launch control and no-lift shifting.

The result is a 20% increase over stock. This is a great package for those looking to alter exhaust note while gaining a considerable amount of power.

520HP (K16), 550HP (X50 and GT2)
Completely reversible
Improved throttle response
Stock like drivability and reliability
Full rpm range remap of both fuel and ignition.
EPL’s Standard Level 1 throttle characteristic remapping. Reduces or eliminates DBW lag.
Gear and load dependent rpm limiter. Approximately 7200rpm in 3-6th gear.
Factory integrated 2 step launch control. (EPL Exclusive)
No Lift Shifting. (EPL Exclusive)
Completely reversible
OEM reliability
Specific files for primary driving conditions (Street, Track, Drag). Please specify at time order is placed. (EPL Exclusive)
Specific files for 91 octane, 93 octane, 103+ octane Race Gas, high altitude, etc.
Kit includes
AMS/EPL Calibration map specific to your car and conditions
AMS 1 bar wastegate actuators
Speed Tech 70mm Exhaust system with X51 style tips
Speed Tech 100cell high flow catalytic converters
5 bar fuel pressure regulator
Speed Tech X-Cellerator cross flow Cat-back “Quiet”
AWE Exhaust with integrated high flow cats
Speed Tech off-road delete pipes
2001+ Porsche 911/996TT/X50/GT2
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